What makes BN3TH unique?

Our MyPakage Technology is a 3-dimensional pouch that lifts and supports the male package, separating it from the rest of the body. This differs from regular underwear that is 2-dimensional. The shape of the ‘pouch’ means that they eliminate skin-on-skin contact, so sweat and heat are reduced and chaffing is a thing of the past!

Can I wear BN3TH for sports?

Absolutely! Our MyPakage technology lifts and supports the male anatomy, eliminating skin-on-skin contact while our innovative design eliminates chaffing and irritation. Our Pro and Entourage series are moisture wicking, quick drying, and designed to move with you, and the Pro 2 IN 1 Shorts and Full Lengths have built in underwear resulting in one easy, comfortable waistband.

Can I wear BN3TH for swimming?

Yes! The Pro or Entourage series are the quickest drying and wick moisture away from the body, while offering great support in the water!

How do I know which underwear style is best for me?

It depends on your lifestyle and activities. Boxer Briefs are our most popular style and have a 6.5” inseam. Trunks are half that length, with a 3.5” inseam. If you need some help figuring out what style is best for you send us an email we will be happy to help you.

How do I wash my BN3TH products?

Underwear is one of the most washed items in our lives. We’ve designed our product to be thrown in a cold wash and then tossed in the dryer – it’s that simple. We recommend washing your BN3TH products with similar fabrics and avoiding towels and other abrasive materials.

Does your underwear fit all shapes and sizes?

We currently offer products for sizes 28-40 (XXS-XXL). We want all body types and heights to feel confident in a pair of BN3TH. If you’d like to see an additional size added to your selection or have any feedback, please fill out our contact form as we take all feedback into consideration in our designs.

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